how to mow your lawn this summer

How to Properly Mow Your Lawn This Summer!

Mowing is definitely one of, if not the more straightforward, services we offer here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction. But, oddly enough, mowing is a process that is harder than you think to perfect! 

If you want a luscious and neat lawn, it will require some maintenance. As humans, we have to monitor and maintain our health to keep feeling good, right? Our grass has the exact same needs. 

You probably spent the spring helping your lawn to recover from the harsh weather of the winter! Now we are approaching your lawn’s peak season! Summertime is also the prime time for entertaining! Most people want the perfect mow to showcase their turf and impress their guests. It isn’t all about your summer BBQ, though! Maintaining health during the summer season is essential for having healthier grass in the fall! 

Do not forget that here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we are readily available to help with your lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, or irrigation needs throughout the entire year. 

You ultimately want your lawn flourishing by May and be ready to begin the mowing season. Unfortunately, as enthusiastic as some people are to begin mowing, they quickly lose the excitement and soon fail to keep up with consistent mowing. This can result in disaster! 

What are some mistakes people are making when it comes to mowing their lawn?

Honestly, there are two mistakes you can make when it comes to mowing a lawn. You can over-mow your lawn or under-mow your lawn. Both these common errors result from failing to pay attention to the details while cutting your grass. If you mow your lawn in a hurry, just to check another item off your list, it will be evident in your results! 

People often assume they can take a shortcut (pun intended) by cutting their grass to an extremely low level. They believe that doing this will extend the time between mows and create less work. This is completely false! 

By over-mowing, you are really damaging all the roots of your grass, which is devastating to your lawn. This, in turn ruins the look of your entire property. Once you block your grass’ access to the essential nutrients it needs to survive, you can kiss your lawn goodbye! This is especially unfortunate when it happens during your lawns peak season of summer! 

How does mowing affect my lawn?

Mowing is a crucial part of maintaining the overall condition and safety of your grass. It also gives your turf the ability to receive the essential nutrients it needs to continue to bloom and retain its health. 

It is very important to cut your grass evenly. If the grass blades are at an equal height, it makes it easier for water to hydrate the entire surface of your lawn without you having to worry about obstacles, like taller grass, getting in the way and taking the water away from certain parts of your lawn. 

What is the suggested height needed for you to mow your lawn?

Getting your lawn to the suggested height is very important. This number isn’t chosen randomly. For most grasses, the suggested height that the grass on your lawn should be all season is 2.5-3 inches. That is the proper height to ensure that your lawn will be at its healthiest and top form all year. Of course, this varies with some specific types of grass or in some climates. 

It is imperative that as you mow your lawn to reach its goal height, that you refrain from cutting more than a third of the grass in one mow session. What that effectively means is you cannot let the grass on your lawn just continue to grow to an exceedingly long length, and if you do, you may have to mow many times before you reach the suggested proper height of two and a half to three inches! Removing too much will cost you big in the end! 

Since we are talking about summer lawn maintenance, do not forget to either consistently and evenly hydrate your lawn and plant life if you want your property to survive the dry season! Consider installing an irrigation system to help you accomplish this task while adding convenience to your life! Just like mowing, watering is an essential service your lawn needs regularly! 

Remember, the right way to receive all the benefits that come with mowing your lawn is to have professionals provide the service for you! 

The last key to maintaining a wholesome and beautiful lawn this summer is to let professionals help! Professionals can get the job done best and provide the best results! Best of all, they can help you raise your property value by up to 15%! 

If you are a resident of Menifee, Murrieta, Winchester, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, or Temecula, CA, or any of their bordering areas, call Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction and ask about all our services available to help transform your property this summer!