Prepare Your Lawn for The Summer Season

How to Prepare Your Lawn for The Summer Season!

Summer is here! We already have gotten those hot days that made us feel like the season came early this year. With the weather being gorgeous and the first day of summer being June 20th, we wanted this week’s blog to discuss prepping your lawn for this summer season!

The summer is the season where you enjoy your lawn, landscape, and property more than any other time of the year. You take full advantage of the glorious warm weather and invite people to your house and spend time outdoors, maybe even hosting a cookout or two. So, we want to provide you with the support that will help your lawn and get it ready for the summer months, the summer events, and, most importantly, improve your property’s overall appearance and atmosphere!

So, with all the lawn prep happening, the purpose of this blog is to help prepare your lawn for the upcoming summer months, and we hope to provide you with support for all the questions you have. After reading this blog, if you still have any additional questions or services that you need, feel free to call us at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, and we will be more than willing to provide help! 

Before starting with questions about lawn preparation for the summer, we wanted to give you some summer lawn prep tips for you this season. Here some tips we wanted to share:

  1. Aerate your lawn to allow your grass to receive its much-needed nutrients.
  2. Reseed your bald spots and dead patches
  3. Look into liming your lawn to balance its acidity
  4. It would help to get rid of any sunlight-blocking thatch to maintain a healthy lawn this summer.

We will help you with some common questions people ask about their lawns during the summer season. Questions such as:

  • When should I start prepping my lawn for summer?
  • How do I fix my lawn in the summer?
  • Should I water my lawn every day during the hot weather?
  • Is it better to leave the grass on my lawn longer in hot weather?
  • How do I stop my grass from burning in the summer?
  • What’s the key to maintaining your lawn in the summer?

So, let’s get started answering these questions!

When should I start prepping my lawn for summer?

If you want an amazing lawn this summer, you should already have gotten it ready during the spring season. The spring is when most of your services are meant to begin and are vital for your lawn to get into the condition it needs to be in when the summer season arrives. Hopefully, you were able to schedule all the necessary services needed in the spring and grow a wholesome and beautiful lawn for the upcoming summer months.

How do I fix my lawn in the summer?

There are a bunch of ways to fix your lawn this summer. We are going to give you the top eight tips to fix your lawn this summer:

  1. Make sure you sharpen your mower blades.
  2. Make sure to mow to just the right height. (In the summer, leave your grass a little higher than usual.)
  3. Let your clippings lie after you clip them.
  4. Make sure you regularly pick up after your dog.
  5. Treat your lawn for grubs. (if needed)
  6. Make sure you water your lawn properly.
  7. Avoid having anyone park on the grass, as it will cause more foot traffic and potentially cause compaction on your lawn as well.
  8. Make sure you fertilize your lawn’s warm-season grasses.

Now we will answer questions that cover some of the tips we provided for fixing your lawns.

Should I water my lawn every day during the hot weather?

The summer season can be an extremely problematic time when it comes to watering your lawn. The sun is consistently beating down on your lawn, maybe even drying it up, and on top of that, the potential to overwater your lawn is still there too. It is suggested to water your property during the morning before the hottest part of the day arrives. This also gives your lawn some time to absorb the amount of water it needs.

When you are watering your lawn during the summer, to get the most outstanding results possible, you should water your lawn at least three times per week, especially if you did not get any amount of rainfall during the week. During the hot summer months, it is suggested you water your shrubs and flowers every day, especially during the early morning. However, if you happen to miss watering in the morning, remember that watering at any point during the day is better than not watering at all.

How do I stop my grass from burning in the summer?

It is highly recommended that you mow your lawn less and remove less grass when you mow in the summer, so it reduces the stress on your turf and makes heat damage less likely. Also, fertilizing your lawn with nitrogen-based fertilizers during the summer months allows for the growth of green foliage over your roots. It makes sure your lawn is less accepting of the hot weather during the summer season.

Is it better to leave the grass on my lawn longer in hot weather?

Keeping your grass slightly longer during the hot summer months can be very useful. The roots of your lawn tend to reach further into the earth. This keeps things such as weeds from popping up, and they end up fighting for water. When your turf becomes denser, it needs less water.

What’s the key to maintaining your lawn in the summer?

When it’s scorching and terribly dry during the summer season, it is essential to limit more stress on your lawn by having as little foot traffic as possible. This is why it is recommended to keep your family and friends on your patio instead of your grass. Also, as we mentioned, avoid letting people park their vehicles on your lawn.

It is also suggested to set your mower to one of its highest positions and make sure that your blades are sharpened. Taller grass can deepen the roots, and using dull blades can possibly lead to additional moisture or water loss in your grass.

The last key to maintaining a wholesome and beautiful lawn this summer is to let professionals help! Professionals can get the job done best, provide the best results, and potentially provide you with great benefits, including adding overall value to your property of up to 15%!

If you are a resident of Menifee, Winchester, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, or Temecula, CA, or any of their bordering areas, call Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction and ask about all our services, including services for this summer!