Your Yard for Memorial Day

5 Must-Have Service to Have Done to Your Yard for Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is quickly approaching. It is the first event of the “summer” season, a statement for all to say that they are excited and waiting for the warm weather.

Of course, sometimes, Memorial Day marks the first big BBQ of the year. We all know that in California, we do things right! We just found out our Niners, Rams, and Chargers schedules, and we are rearing for some BBQ and sports! As football has to wait a bit longer, BBQ season is upon us! (We can first watch our teams in the NBA playoffs!)

With that said, we decided to make this week’s blog about your Memorial Day BBQ. We will not be writing about the most popular dishes or foods, but instead talking about what five things you need to do to your yard to have it prepared for Memorial Day!

The five things that need to be done to your yard before your Memorial Day Bash are:

  1. Irrigation checks
  2. Mowing
  3. Fertilizing
  4. Trimming
  5. Weed Control

You can go back into our previous blogs to read more in-depth about each lawn care service and its benefits, but this blog is going to be more about why you need to have these things done before you BBQ!

Let’s get started!

What will irrigation checks do for my yard?

Irrigation checks are essential for your entire property. You want to make sure that your yard and the rest of your plant life are getting the right amount of water they need to stay healthy and grow. You want proper irrigation installed to no longer have to worry about water issues on your property.

Irrigation checks are good to have done before Memorial Day because you want to ensure your grass is growing properly and gets the right amount of water. Irrigation checks will also make sure your flowers, gardens, and other plant life are also sustaining and growing so that the atmosphere of your Memorial Day Cookout has a great look, feel, and colorful background. This will leave your guests happy and mesmerized by your property.

What will mowing do for my yard?

Having a mowing service done to your yard will make sure that the grass in your yard is healthy and at the correct height. This makes for a spectacular and healthy yard and allows for a great look and ambiance for hosting your Memorial Day BBQ!

Trust us. No one wants to have a BBQ and look at dead grass! It leaves a bad feeling and aura around the BBQ, and people will leave your property and talk about the terrible condition your yard and grass are in, to the point where they might not want to come back or even walk on it!

What will fertilizing help do for my yard?

Fertilizing your yard will produce a healthy and spectacular ambiance that your yard needs, especially when hosting a BBQ! Fertilizing will ensure that your lawn acquires the nutrients it requires to retain that vibrant green color that everyone loves to look at!

Of course, you do not want to fertilize your yard the day of your BBQ or on a windy day in general because your fertilizer will be blowing all over your yard, attacking your guests, and not doing its job providing nutrients to your soil.

As unique of a story as that would be to tell for years, you do not want that kind of story to be about you!

What will a trimming service do for my yard?

A trimming service is very significant for your yard, especially during the spring and summer. A trimming service not only trims and prunes your hedges, bushes, and shrubs, but it does much more. It allows you to decide the length and width of the plant life on your property. It makes you kind of “design” the natural barriers of your yard. Beyond being a service that helps in the overall look, ambiance, and feels of your yard, a trimming service also has other great benefits.

When a trimming service is done, it gets rid of fallen, damaged, dead or diseased branches. It also stops unwanted pests from arriving in your yard. This is perfect for a BBQ because it is almost guaranteed that no pests will stop by, and if by chance there is a strong gust of wind, no branches or leaves will be smacking into any of your guests!

What will weed control do for my yard?

The time has passed for preemergents to be applied to your yard. (That should be done already!) However, your yard probably has some weeds coming out.

Before your Memorial Day BBQ, you will want to identify those weeds and pull them out, root and all! This will stop them from coming back and will eliminate weeds from forming in your yard. Pulling them out by hand works wonders and makes you not have to apply any weed killer yourself. There is also the chance that weed killer could be potentially harmful to you, your guests, your children, and your pets! So pulling them out by hand prevents this!

What will professionals do for my yard?

At the end of the day, hiring professionals will help get you on top of your yard and lawn needs. Professionals provide the services you need and do the jobs perfectly! They will help provide a spectacular and healthy yard for you to host events and cookouts all summer long!!

So, it’s time to start planning that Memorial Day BBQ! Make that Spotify or Apple Music playlist, prepare the BBQ sauce, order enough food and drinks for everyone, and leave the yard to us!

If you are a resident of Menifee, Winchester, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, or Temecula, CA, or any of their bordering areas, call Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction and ask about lawn care services!